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Register in Advance for the Next Two Workshops

March 22nd – Mason Bee Workshop

You don’t want to miss this next workshop. Dr. Veronica Wahl, from the Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE) at Douglas College  will be guiding participants in the construction of “homes” for Mason Bees. Veronica is the UNIBUG project coordinator at the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College.

Mason Bee HomeMason Bee_ConstructionThe overall goal of UNIBUG is to engage community volunteers in learning about the ecology of urban gardens, with a particular focus on beneficial garden insects. The project initially began with monitoring bugs (such as beetles) that hunt pests and has grown to include monitoring pollinators, from hummingbirds to butterflies to the many types of bees.

UNIBUG has grown to over 300 volunteers since its inception. With various bee populations in danger of extinction, a major part of this workshop will be learning how to make small nests for bees to safely lay and hatch eggs, called “bee houses.” You can register for this March 22nd workshop at Eventbrite.

Just like our first two workshops, you’ll be charged $10 when you register online. You’ll receive $10 in market coins to spend at any of our 40 plus vendors at the Port Moody Farmers Market. Check in at the info tent when you arrive for the workshop.

April 19 – Small Space Gardening

Port Moody Winter Farmers Market Workshop Series (2)The fourth and final workshop will take place on April 19th. Small space gardening will focus on growing food in containers that are suitable for town homes, apartment balconies, or other locations that are challenged for space or location. More details will be coming soon. In the meantime you can register at Eventbrite to secure your spot.


Thanks to Vancity for Supporting our Workshop Series

The Port Moody Winter Farmers Market launched its workshop series in January. The Workshop Series is made possible through a generous grant from Vancity. “We are extremely grateful and excited to receive this grant from Vancity”, says Executive Director of the Port Moody Farmers Market Tabitha Mcloughlin. “This grant gives us the resources we need to create a program that is useful, tangible, and has the potential to change behaviours in the community. Vancity is an amazing asset to our communities; their focus on local initiatives and passion for creating community will have long lasting effects within the organizations they support and the communities they enhance.”


This Week’s Featured Entertainer – Forfeit the Anchor

Forfeit the AnchorCam Mossop is a singer/songwriter from Port Moody has been writing songs since he was in sixth grade.  He plays acoustic guitar, mostly original work with a few covers in between songs to grab people’s attention.  He believes that everyone carries a weight on their soul that they are unwilling to let go of, hence the name ‘Forfeit the Anchor’. Lyrics are his main artistic focus and his goal is to have people connect with his songs and ultimately with him.


Become a Friend of the Market

Become a ”Friend of the Market” and enjoy the benefits of membership!

For an annual fee of $10, your market membership:

  • Supports the ongoing activities of the Market
  • Entitles you to receive the Member Specials offered by our vendors
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  • Allows you to vote at the Market’s Annual General Meeting
  • Allows you to put your name forward as candidate for the Board of Directors

Meet our latest sponsors at the Port Moody Farmers Market

If you’ve make a New Year’s resolution to improve your health and/or appearance, you may want to stop by a new booth at the Sunday Port Moody Farmers’ Market. The “Holistic Lifestyle Trio” are on hand to answer your health and esthetic questions and maybe even help you keep that New Year’s resolution.

A native of Montreal, Dr. Joyce Chen received her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2003 in France. DrJoyceChenShe believes in a holistic approach and is committed to helping her patients live life with optimum health and well-being of mind, body and soul. She speaks fluent French and Mandarin as well as English. You can find out more about Dr. Chen at her Clarity in Healing web site.

Dr. Judith de Niet, offers both counselling and esthetics as individual or combined services. Originally from the Netherlands, Dr Judith is a Registered Clinical Counsellor as well as a Certified Esthetician. Weight management, infertility, chronic illnesses and psychological health including self-esteem, anxiety, and depression are her areas of expertise. VitaVitalisDr. Judith provided esthetics service in her home to help pay for her studies as she earned her psychology degree. Over time, the beauty sessions became therapy sessions as well for a number of her clients. Once she earned her doctorate and returned to Canada, she took night classes to become a certified esthetician. Combining the two disciplines allows her to continue working with her hands and mind and allows her clients to determine the type and/or pace of treatment. To learn more about Dr. de Niet’s services please visit her Vita Vitalis web site.

Alfred Lam is the owner of the VIGOUR Health & Beauty store and has a special commitment to holistic blood sugar management, immunity and cancer support. Reflecting VIGOUR’s company moto “Life was Given; Lifestyles are Chosen”, Alfred also offers monthly free seminars on different health and lifestyle issues. Vigour Health and Beauty is located in Newport Village. VigourHealthandBeautyNoting the synchronicity of the services they offer the community, Joyce, Judith and Alfred have come together at the Port Moody Market and plan to be there every Sunday until April.

Holistic Lifestyle Trio (2)